" Have you ever wondered how differently you would perceive the world if you were colour blind?

Vladimir Tisma, a young photographer from Geneva, based his artistic creations and style on that question.

Colour-blind himself, the artist combines his unique way of perceiving colours with standards view of colors into one medium.

Graduate of the Swiss Institue of Photography and avid travel photographer, Vladimir Tisma differentiates himself as an artist as he reveals a world that the usual perception does not allow us to see." 


The 2019 theme, Stepping Stones, builds on the image of a series of stones on which to walk when crossing a stream or river.

It illustrates the path of individual and collective actions that are taken in order to move forward and advance in life.

However, Stepping Stones did not solely allow our speakers to elaborate on their future steps in life,

it also permitted them to reflect on pivotal moments, challenges, and memorable experiences that have defined who they are today.