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It is with great honour that Vladimir announces his partnership with a myth of photography, Alpa of Switzerland. Alpa camera has a unique expertise that has made some of the world's greatest photographers dreams for years. Vladimir wanted to get closer to the essence of the art of photography and Alpa seemed to be one of the last rare brands that could still offer such experiences. Forget about sonic focus system, forget about all the options available on the new cameras on the market. It's back to basics. Taking the time to melt into the space to feel the atmosphere the light that paints a landscape this time is necessary and primordial for quality images. The artist has always relied on the quality rather than the quantity of his prints, even pushing the Gallery to present unique pieces of his "One Way, Two Worlds" project. A second edition around this unique approach awaited by the public after the sudden stop of its activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


"-It's a different way of experiencing photography than coming home from a day of shooting with only five or six images. Every detail counts and even to the millimetre with these cameras that could be likened to works of art. The environment you have taken the time to immerse yourself in will allow you to share it in depth with the viewer, which is exactly what I am looking for and I love it.

As a young Swiss artist it is an honour for me to work on the side. They trust and support a young photographer like me and I am extremely grateful. I will do everything I can to live up to their expectations."


Feeling extremely close to the values carried by the Alpa team, Vladimir could not have dreamt of such a partner because as he often says,


"- A quality photo is timeless as much as the story that belongs to it"

Foggy Mountains


For over 20 years, the ALPA Medium-Format Photographic Platform is a cornerstone of high-end photography. The ALPA History tells the new ALPA story through the most critical stages back to the foundation of the "old 35 mm Alpa" of Pignongs SA in the French-speaking part of Switzerland in 1918.


The company Pignons SA in the Swiss Jura mountains is founded. In accordance with local tradition, the company initially concentrates on the manufacture of parts for the watch-making industry.

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